To Be, Or Not To Be is a series of six photo montage archetypes which reflected upon the artists idealisation of adapting to the traits & behaviours believed to be conventional of westernised masculinity, the backgrounds on the other hand visually question the individualistic behaviours that revolve around each archetype and how one can be influenced by peers, celebrity figures and their surrounding environments through imagery on social media and print based magazines to exhibit consumer capitalist behaviours to maintain them. The six ‘constructed’ personalities were exhibited at the London College of Communication in May 2019, which included: The Dentist, The Lawyer, Muscleman, Zone 1 – The Londoner, The Insta Influencer and Party Guy which were all constructed using a mixture of the artists own photography and found cut outs from magazines. These were mounted at various distances to provide an interactive experience for the exhibition viewers, being able to view each archetype from a front and side perspective.

Click on Each Archetype to find out their names and details.


Equipment Used: C-41 35mm Film, Scans.

Installtion, Right View

Installtion, Front View

Exhibited at: The London College of Communication (2019)

©2020 by Sachin Ghataaura.

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